Thursday, September 19, 2013

DIY Change Jar

I love this project. It makes perfect sense to have one of these in a laundry room! Imagine all the change you could collect if you put it all in a jar when you are emptying pockets before washing clothes. You could just have a bowl or jar out on a shelf, but why not make your own super cute "Keep the Change" holder. These would make great gifts as well.

What you'll need:
7x11 piece of wood
Clear sealant
Stencil letters/vinyl cut letters
Paint brush
Sawtooth hanger
Mason jar
Pipe clamp sized to fit mason jar
Flathead screwdriver (or a dime)
Sander (optional-for distressed look)

What you'll do:
First, I painted the piece of wood and let it dry.

While the paint was drying, I used my Silhouette to cut out "KEEP THE CHANGE" on vinyl. Stencils can be used if you don't have a cutting machine.

Next, I applied the vinyl. 

To make sure I put the letters in the right place, I laid the transfer tape down on the wood and placed the jar where I wanted it. 

Then I applied the letters and removed the transfer tape.

After the letters were on, I painted a coat of clear sealant and let it dry.

After the sealant was dry, I flipped the piece of wood over and nailed in place a sawtooth hanger.

Time to add the most important part, the jar! To attach the jar, I first positioned the clamp with the open and closing part on the side where I could easily access it to loosen and tighten it. This is important because it's how you remove the jar to empty it.

Once I had the clamp in the position I wanted, centered with the letters and with a little room to spare at the bottom of the wood, I took a nail (the ones that go with the sawtooth hangers) and nailed it into one of the slits in the clamp. One wasn't enough. The jar slid side-to-side, so I put another nail in the same slit and make the jar a little more snug.

After I got the clamp nailed in place, I secure the jar in the clamp using a flathead screw driver (or a dime) to tighten the clamp.

And there you have it! A cute and functional piece of wall decor for the laundry room, or wherever you want to "Keep the Change"

To add a distressed look, I took a hand sander and went around the edges to take off some of the paint.

Monday, September 9, 2013

DIY Coasters

It turns out, I'm somewhat addicted to Pinterest. Follow me on Pinterest and you'll see what I mean. I've found lots of DIY projects. I'm slowly, but surely, tackling my list of DIY projects. Time for DIY Coasters!

I thought coasters would make cute little gifts, especially if they are personalized. They are really easy and fun to make. I made these coasters for a friend. The colors match the colors in her living room curtains. The fish paper you'll see is what I used for two coasters for my friend's husband to have his own. She loved the pretty colors to match her curtains and he, being an outdoorsman, loved his fish themed coasters.

I've seen several How-to Blogs on making these coasters. Here's what I did.

What you'll need:
4"x 4" Ceramic Tiles (Lowe's)
Scrapbook Paper (Hobby Lobby)
Mod Podge (Hobby Lobby)
Self-stick Rubber Pads (I got mine at Target)
Clear Sealer (Hobby Lobby)
*I just listed where I got my stuff. You can find these things at several different stores*

What you'll do:
Clean your tile with an alcohol wipe.
Add a layer of Mod Podge to the tile then place your paper on the tile, centering it.
Next, I used the Mod Podge squeegee to rub the paper down onto the tile.
Let it dry for 10-15 minutes.

Next, add a coat of Mod Podge over the paper. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes.
Add another coat and let dry. 
I added three coats of Mod Podge, but you can do more or less if you choose.
After the last coat of Mod Podge is completely dry, it's time to add the sealant.
I brushed on a layer of sealant and let it dry 15-20 minutes, then added another coat.
I also did three coats of the sealant.

After everything was nice and dry, I flipped the tile over and added a Self-stick Rubber Pad to each corner.

Ta Da! You've just made yourself some cute coasters!