Wednesday, January 1, 2014

DIY Initial Key Holder

Made this cute key holder for a friend. I love it! 
And it was really easy to make.

What I used
8"x8" piece of wood (I got a piece of wood at Michael's in the clock making section)
6"x6" piece of burlap (I got a pre-cut square from Hobby Lobby)
Furniture Nails (I used bronze-from Amazon)
7/8" Cup Hooks (I used white ones from Lowe's)
Deep Earth paint for wood (Valspar sample size from Lowe's)
Churchill Hotel paint for initial (Valspar sample size from Lowe's)
Stencil for letter of your choice (I cut my own stencil with my Silhoutte Cameo)
Brushes for painting
Tape measurer
1/16" drill bit
Sawtooth hanger

What I did
First, I painted the piece of wood the color my friend wanted. I used two coats. 

While the paint was drying, I used my Silhoutte Cameo to cut out a "C" for a stencil. I cut it out on some scrap vinyl so it would stick to the burlap. If you're using a pre-brought stencil, I suggest using some removal adhesive to keep the stencil in place. I applied the stencil to the burlap. Using a small amount of paint, I filled in the stencil by dabbing my brush, so that the paint would not spread under the stencil. 

After the initial dried, I removed the stencil. At this point the wood paint and initial paint were dry. I decided to go ahead and nail in the sawtooth hanger before I added the burlap. I nailed in the furniture nails at each corner of the burlap. 

Next, I measured across the bottom of the wood to idenify where I wanted the hooks to go. I used the 1/16" drill bit to drill pilot holes for the hooks, then screwed in the hooks.

That's it. 

It didn't take long at all to do. The painting and waiting on the paint to dry took the longest.